Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Tutorial

I thought that my first proper blog should maybe be a makeup one due to the fact that I love makeup.  My lovely husband bought me the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette for Christmas and I must say there has rarely been a day goes by that it is not on my face.  All the colours are great and lend themselves to neutral eyes that work great for everyday looks.  Now, as this is my first tutorial please bear with me-I am working on format and content.  Please comment below on any suggestions you may have to make it better or easier to read or easier to follow or whatever.  I promise I won’t cry or anything… 🙂

So, first I thought I would start with the brushes that I used and really use on a daily basis.  I won’t bore you with the face routine (foundation, concealer, blush, etc.) but if you would like to know I can certainly give you all that info-just comment below  :).  I would also like to point out that I am in no way a makeup artist and have no training whatsoever.  I am an artist at heart and any techniques I use I have learned by trial and error and YouTube videos.  But I am rambling-to the fun stuff!

Brushes are:

 The other ‘tool’ is Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer.  I highly recommend you put any eyeshadow primer on your lids before you get started.  The primer helps the eyeshadow stay on all day and keeps it from creasing up-which isn’t cute!  I am sure you girls know this but I just thought I’d share this tidbit anyway 🙂

primer edited.jpg

Can you tell I use it a lot?  It is squiged (is that a word?) within an inch of it’s life!

I am sure all of you have seen and heard about the Gwen Stefani & Urban Decay collaboration but, I thought I should show you what the palette looks like and the colours I used.

gwen stefani pallette edited.jpg

Ain’t it purdy??

All of the colours in the palette are lovely, but these are the ones that I used (and use most often I might add)……

So, now for the fun bit-putting it all on!

I first started with blonde on the brow bone as a highlight-it is great for this.  Next I used Stark on my eyelid all over and into the crease, blending upward towards the brow bone.  I then blended Anaheim into the crease.  Next I used Baby on my eyelid-gives it a nice metallic shimmer and brightens it all up a bit.  I used Punk and blended it into the crease and smudged it under my lower eyelashes (did I mention that it is now my favourite?).  Lastly was Serious-just a tiny bit into the crease again to darken it all up a wee bit.

I then used my Urban Decay 24/7 West eyeliner on my upper eyelid, getting as close to my eyelashes as possible.  This helps make the eyelashes look a bit fuller.

Lastly I used Benefit’s Lash Primer in Brown and their Roller Lash Mascara (both are awesome and I highly recommend them!).

I finished the look with the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Ex-Girlfriend Lipstick (which came free with the palette-I think that her lipsticks, blush and contour palette are out in the Spring time) after applying MAC’s Prep and Prime Lip Primer.

Whew!  So, that is everything I put on this morning and this is the final look:

finished pic edited

I hope that you have found this useful and try it yourself!  Let me know, send me pictures, share!  Hugs and Smiles to you all and until next time…..TTFN (in the words of Pooh Bear himself)



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