Bright Makeup Tutorial 

Hello Ladies!!  Maybe it’s the dark nights and dreary weather here in Scotland but I thought for a change of pace I’d do a bright eyeshadow look….a little Rainbow Brite?!  I’m showing my age I know but let’s have some fun 😀

I used the Urban Decay Electric Palette:


It’s a very bright and colourful palette and some may be scared of using it, but I love a challenge!  So here we go!

I started with  Blonde on my brow bone and Skimp on my eyelid as a base.


I then used  Savage on the inner corner of the eyelid-we are going for a rainbow effect so blend it out a wee bit and make sure to overlap each colour.


I next used Slowburn next to Savage and overlapped them a bit.


Next I used Thrash and Freak



Fringe, Gonzo, and Chaos next


Lastly I used Urban-not much as I was running out of eyelid at this point 😂



After I applied all the colours I blended it all together to soften it a bit.


Next I used Chaos as eyeliner top and bottom-because where all this colour was lovely we needed more!  I also put a dab of Revolt on the inner corner of my eye for some sparkle-this rainbow needed glitter!


Now, you can finish off with just black mascara but…img_0016


I thought while I am going OTT with colour let’s add some false eyelashes with a pop of blue 😀

So, love it or hate it here is a little Rainbow Brite realness.  I hope you all give it a try and have some fun!

Until next time TTFN!  💋

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