New Hair & Vintage Fair 🌺 

Those that are close to me are used to my constant change in hair colour so it’ll probably come as no surprise that I’ve dyed it brown…with a little peek-a-boo of turquoise.  My poor hair was so brittle from the blonde so I thought it was time to give it a break.   My lovely hubby helped and was rather surprised when it didn’t turn out to be a disaster!

There was also a Vintage Fair in Dundee today which I was super excited for, I wanted to pick up some brooches as I don’t really have any and add to my head scarf collection….it’s becoming a bit of a problem!  So I did get 3 brooches and 3 scarves…not on purpose that’s just how it happened. 

Can’t wait to wear them all-but not at the same time cause that’d be weird…and a bit over the top-even for me! Lol 😀

And after a trip to Five Guys for burgers (which I’m not so sure are worth the hype) I walked past Top Shop and remembered I’d seen these awesome eyeshadows on Instagram somewhere from Top Shop so of course I scurried in to find them.   

They are a lot like the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows but a fraction of the price.  I got Wax & Wane (on the left) and U-Turn (on the right).  I swatched them but they don’t show up very well-very glittery, not much pigment.  Stay tuned to see how those get used.

Anyhoo, Happy Valentines Day lovelies and I hope you have all been spoiled like me ❤️



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