Oh yes, Wait a Minute Mr. Postman….

Or post woman in my case…another awesome mail call for me today!  I received a makeup care package from my Mom in The States and oh the wonders it held. Ha!  I’m being a bit dramatic, but here’s what was inside…. 

Too Faced Cocoa Contour which I spied in Debenhams one Saturday afternoon (and they didn’t have in stock), a couple of Sephora eyeliners-13 Glitter Purple & 06 Iced Out (swatched below) and a sample of sephora’s No 5 Sweet on you blush.  I’ve never tried any of their products due to the fact that there isn’t a Sephora in sight (get on it people!) so I am rather excited to give it a try 😀

The other lovely item in the post was the MAC Dita Von Teese limited edition lipstick in Von Teese ( of course, what else would it be called??) that my lovely hubby bought me for Valentine’s Day.  I put it right on this morning and it is another fab red colour brought to you by MAC.  It is a matte which is one of my favourite finishes for a lipstick-it stays on for days!

So even though it was a Monday it had a pretty good start.  Mrs. Post Woman had more than a letter in her bag for me!  

Happy Monday Ladies!



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