Where the Magic Happens…

No, not that kinda magic!  The makeup magic…(minds out of the gutter please ladies)  I thought rather than a makeup tutorial for this Friday’s post I would show you all where I put on my face and some of the tools that make it happen.  Now, I haven’t got a huge stash of fancy brushes and sponges and the like as I have only recently started buying brushes instead of just using the ones that come with my makeup palettes.  So here are a few of my favourites and my ‘creative’ space.  I hope you enjoy….now let’s start the tour….

I have 2 tool boxes that hold most of my makeup-overflow is on a 3 shelved unit that sits on my desk.  The large red tool box I got for Christmas 2 years from the Hubster and have been filling it and covering it in stickers ever since.  This year a second 3 drawer addition had to be added as I had filled the red one, and then some….I know I have a problem!  (there in the background is my ever growing head scarf collection that you can see above-aren’t they lovely?)


Here is a picture of the drawers openish….ooooo!


Look at all those lipsticks playing peek-a-boo there in the bottom…..

Now that you have seen where I keep it all, here are some of my favourite brushes.  The majority of them are from Origins-their Eco Tools Range that I have bought from Boots.  The double ended brushes are recent purchases and they are great.  They would be perfect for a weekend away to throw into your makeup bag.  The black brushes are from the Ebays and I use them for blush and powder.


I also have a Beauty Blender that I got before Christmas.  After trying some other less pricey sponges I have found that the Beauty Blender is the best by far.  Believe the hype!    Washed regularly and they should last quite a while so I think that the expense can be justified…and well, we are all worth it right?  At least that is what L’Oréal tells me…


I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my little makeup space and some of my favourite tools.  Comment below and tell me about some of your favourites 🙂

Until next week my lovelies I wish you all a fab weekend!




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