Saturday Makeup Haul

Well….it’s payday and what better time to buy some makeup?  The Hubby and I had a rare Saturday alone without El Kiddo so we took a trip to Dundee and while he raked through the record shop I ventured into the beauty jungle and came out with this…    I had recently brought home one […]

A West Texas Sunset

       Nothing really compares to a West Texas Sunset and using that as inspiration I thought I’d try to interpret that on my face-my eyes mostly…. I have had a red matte eyeshadow that has been lurking in my tool box which was perfect to use for this look.  Red, I know not your […]

My apologies….

I must extend my up most apologies my lovelies but I have not prepared an amazing tutorial for you all.  I have been a bit overwhelmed this week with work stresses (which I am sure you all can relate to) and have not managed to do anything but survive the week.  I promise to have […]

Monday Blues

I had a bit of the Monday blues this morning so I thought my makeup should reflect my mood 😱. On my date day with my hubby I picked up MAC’s Mineralize Eyeshadow in the colour Blue Flame and Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadow Pallette in Mermaids Forever.    There are loads of blues here so that’s […]