Smokey Eye Too Faced Chocolate Bar Tutorial

Having been inspired by the Benefit ‘easy on the eye’ book with their 5/10/30 minute smokey eye looks I thought I’d give it a try and share with you all….so here goes ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I used Champagne Truffle on the brow bone and blended down to the crease.  I used Hazelnut on the eyelid and blended into the crease.

I then used Haute Chocolate in the crease to darken it up a wee bit.  I took Amaretto into the crease as welล‚ and used that to transition and blend up into the brow bone area so it wasn’t such a harsh contrast between the two.

Next is Black Forest Truffle onto the eyelid to add a bit of sparkle (I do โค๏ธ a bit of sparkle) and then Triple Fudge just to darken it up along the top lash line a bit a make that smokey eye appearance when the eye is open.

  I finished off with Cherry Cordial along the lower lash line and a mix of Candied Violet and Glitter Purple Eyeliner on the top lash line for yes more sparkle ๐Ÿ˜
Here is the finished look after some mascara…I used MAC Heroine on my lips and topped it with the Candied Violet to add more SPARKLE!!!  (I also discovered that the eyeshadow tastes sweet as well….added bonus!). This may be a bit OTT for some and you could most definitely go with a nude lip here if you wanted.

And here is the finished look for you all.  This honestly took maybe 10-15 minutes at the most and could be modified to take even less time if you cut out some of the extra colours.  There is no wrong or right here-just what you like the look of and/or have time for ๐Ÿ˜Š

I hope you all find this useful and try it for yourselves.  If you do give it a go please share in the comments below.  Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram @lipstickandtattoosblog.

Until next time lovelies!



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