Monday Blues

I had a bit of the Monday blues this morning so I thought my makeup should reflect my mood 😱. On my date day with my hubby I picked up MAC’s Mineralize Eyeshadow in the colour Blue Flame and Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadow Pallette in Mermaids Forever.

 There are loads of blues here so that’s what I decided to use.  I used the 3 blues that are in a row and then the MAC eyeshadow over the top.  I also picked up a MAC Mineralize Blush in Just a Whisp.  

 It’s sooooooo purdy!  I put just a touch of that over my blush and I may be in ❤️!  I used a liquid lipstick from The Balm’s line of mat liquid lipsticks Meet Matt Hughes in the colour Committed.  I was on the hunt for more nude lipsticks so this fit the bill.

Here is the finished look for today

I hope you all like it and try it out for yourselves-blue is not as ugly 80’s as it used to be.  Be bold!  Be blue!

Until next time lovelies




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