Saturday Makeup Haul

Well….it’s payday and what better time to buy some makeup?  The Hubby and I had a rare Saturday alone without El Kiddo so we took a trip to Dundee and while he raked through the record shop I ventured into the beauty jungle and came out with this…

I had recently brought home one of the Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes and I am quite liking it so I thought “where one is good, 4 would be better”.  They are cheap-£6 for the smaller one & £8 for the larger ones.  It does take a bit of building up the colour and a bit more work to blend them out but for the price you can’t beat them.  

I picked up these palettes:

Welcome to the Pleasuredome

Eyes Like Angels

And Flawless….cause well I do like to be flawless!

These all have a great range of Matte and Shimmer finishes so there is something for everyone, and did I mention they’re cheap???

I also bought 2 of their liquid lipsticks from their Salvation Velvet Laquer range.  The colours I got are Depravity (on the bottom) and Black Heart (on the top). Super excited to give these a try 😀

On to the more expensive purchases…..

The MAC counter in Debenhams was calling my name and I thought it’d be rude to ignore it so…I got a lipstick and lip liner.  I really wanted a dark brown colour, don’t ask why, I just had it in my mind that’s what I was needing….I got the colour Antique Velvet (Matte)Lipstick  and Chestnut Lip Liner.

I know you are all thinking “but it’s coming into Spring and that is a Winter colour” but I say pwah ha ha, wear what you wanna-this colour would totally work with a nice pink or peachy eye look (hmmmm….I feel another tutorial on the horizon).  Again, supes excited to put these on my face too!

Lastly (makeup wise) is a Too Faced Melted Metal lipstick.  I have been eyeballing these for quite sometime but couldn’t decide on a colour.  I just went for it and got the colour Debutante.  It’s a coraly, metallicy, peachy wonder….super pretty and very Springy (I bowed to convention here) and it smells awesome!

I was wandering around H&M and found a leopard print cardi (I have been on the hunt for one for quite a while), so it was also come home with me.

So this concludes my shopping haul….I hope you all get inspired and got pick some up for yourself.  

Stay tuned to see these bits and pieces featured in my upcoming MOTD’s and Tutorials.  Let me know what you would like to see in the comments below 😀

Happy Saturday my lovelies!



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