Don’t Wig Out!

My friends and family all are used to my frequent change in hair colours and don’t seemed all that shocked by it anymore.  However all the dying and bleaching takes a toll and to get it done in the salon costs an absolute fortune!  I was reading through some blogs I follow and one fellow blogger had said she had picked up a grey ombré wig.   And I thought to myself “self, why don’t we wig out?  It could be fun?” So, after searching across the interwebs I came across Annabelle’s wigs.  And much like the makeups-so many so little monies!  I decided on pink and long because I like pink and want looooong hair!

She’s long and pink and I think it’s purdy!  A little fun on the weekends (don’t think I could get away with this at work) and maybe more in the future, who knows?  

What do you all think about wigs?  Leave a comment below 😀

Happy Thursday lovelies!



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