Saturday Shopping & What Not

Good evening lovelies!  I hope you all have had a nice Saturday filled with Sunshine & Makeup….much like mine!

We took a trip to Dundee after I finished work with the goal to book a holiday and bought a TV instead…which we are still trying to figure out….

But on to  the fun stuff!  Makeups! I nipped into Superdrug to find nail polish for my Mother-In-Law and of course had to pick up some Makeup Revolution buts because well, why not?!  I got the Fortune Favours The Brave eyeshadow Pallette (that I have seen on Instagram and was quite fancying) and one of their blush pallettes (which I haven’t tried any of their blush yet) called Blush Goddess…I mean come on!  With a name like that how could I resist?!

And…..I also got the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Pallette which I ordered from the States as soon as it came out and had my lovely Mother post it over to me (only to discover that it was out in Debenhams today, but never mind!)  It is so lovely & I can hardly wait to get it on my face!!!!  

With my order I got a free sample and went for a blush sampler mostly because I haven’t tried them either…the colours on the card are Score, Quickie, & Bittersweet.

So, a good makeup day and the Suns was shining so…even better! I will share my looks and possibly do a tutorial using my new goodies 😀. So stay tuned!

I hope you all have a nice evening and stay fabulous!



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