Vice LTD Reloaded

So if you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard….Urban Decay have released another Vice palette called Vice Reloaded.  It’s a 20 anniversary palette that has some old shades, some current shades and some new colours.  It’s a celebration of all that is Urban Decay and why we all love them so ❤️. It retails for £43 and you can pick it up everywhere that Urban Decay is sold-I got mine at Debenhams (and got £5 off because I had points accumulated on my Beautyrewards card-score!)

I have to say that I have found only a couple of colours that I have in other palettes so I think this was a good buy.  The colour I am most excited to try is Gash-a reddish maroony sort of colour.  The colour Roadstripe is a white with a purple pearlescent sheen that is oh so pretty!  

I will be trying the palette out all week so stay tuned for MOTD to be blowing up your news feed!

Happy Sunday all and hope you all have a fab week!



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