Tales from an airport….

As I sit here in my 2nd hour of a 6 hr wait at the airport… I decided that a blog post was a good way to use up some time.  Also gives me something to do while I drink my pint of Coors. 

As I get to take advantage of the Duty Free area, makeup was (not surprisingly) on my radar😀 MAC, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, the list is endless as to what is available here.  But being a creature of habit I stuck to my favs-MAC & UD.

I picked up 2 eyeliners from UD-Heartless (top) & Junkie (bottom)

I also got Ablaze lippie (matte finish) and Dynamo lip liner to match from MAC. Both are a lovely  coral pinky colour (but the picture won’t load so you’ll have to imagine…)

I also picked up a few other essentials like Tequila and a giant Tic Tac Box (for the kiddo of course) but this is a makeup blog 😂 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend…I’m off to get something to eat and drink and wait for another 4 1/2 hrs…



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