Lazy Sunday….

….was what I was hoping for today but the baby child had a sleepover last night and they wanted to go into town to by makeup (who am I to stand I the way of that?) so I had to put my face on…my plans of staying in my pjs and binge watching Prison Break are a distant memory now😂 

So, I thought as I have some time to kill (while I wait for said child and friend to be finished shopping) I’d do a MOTD post.  

I bought some new foundation yesterday, NYX’s Mineral Stick Foundation and Mineral Setting powder along with the coveted Milk eyeshadow pencil.  I gave them all a try today and am so far liking the results.  I have seen that a lot of companies are bringing out the stick foundations and at £10 I thought it couldn’t hurt and if it’s rubbish it was only £10 right?  I’ll see how it holds up all day…

The Milk eyeshadows pencil is awesome sauce.  I used it with the Kat von D Chrysallis palette.  I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this palette.  I love the colours in the pan but hate how they don’t seem to show up on me very well.  The Milk pencil has really helped intensify the colours.  I highly recommend you getting your mits on this pencil if you can.  I think I’ll use it with the UD a Electric palette next-can you even imagine?!

I used MAC’s Antique Velvet lippy on the lips and voila-a lovely soft fall look.

I hope you all are getting a lazy Sunday (since I didn’t 😂) and enjoyed this post.

Until next time my lovelies…



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