Pulling an all nighter….

I’ve been dying to try the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation and since I ran out of my usual foundation (UD’s Naked Skin foundation) I thought it was a perfect opportunity to purchase and give it a go 😀…like we makeup junkies need an excuse right?!  I got the shade 3.25 which is a new shade, they only used to to whole & half numbers.  I used number 3.0 in my old foundation so if you use any of their stuff just now I suggest to go and get colour matched again.  The .25 is a neutral shade where the .0 is a warmer base and the .50 is a pinker base.  I also picked up the Naked Skin concealer in Light Warm, which is a shade lighter than the foundation.  I also sadly had to buy the Eyeshadow Primer potion for the first time-I’ve always got them for free with the eyeshadow palettes and I finally ran out…

So that is my purchases for today-just the basics….but essentials!  

I hope you all are having a fabby Saturday and trying something new in your makeup regime too 💋

Until next time!



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