Where you been??

Hello my lovelies!  I have been rather busy of late with Christmas preparations, work, and life I general so I have been rather quiet.  I have also been busy rearranging Lipstickandtattoos Central.  My old desk and makeup area was getting a bit crowded and full (oops!) so my wonderful husband thought that a makeup room makeover was in order for my Christmas pressie.  He sourced and came up with the bits all by himself….I know I am so very lucky to have a husband that supports my “habit”.  Here is the finished space…

Ta da!  Believe it or not this took up almost a week of our lives between rearranging the room and emptying and then having to change positions of shelves…it was a good bit of work but the end result is so much better than what I had before.  And there is room for more makeup!  (Which is really what we are aiming for right). So thanks to my hubby for the fab gift and idea….

Here are also a few of my favourites for the past couple of months…

The Morphe 35N palette which I ordered from the States with some Birthday money from my little bro (thank you sir).  One of the eyeshadows exploded all over the inside during it’s travels to me but overall I really dig this palette.  Lots of matte neutrals with a few colours thrown in there to mix it up a bit.  And it’s affordable!  Beauty Bay here in the U.K. Sell Morphe online so go and check it out!

Further to that purchase I also bought a set of Morphe brushes from Amazon US and Beauty Bay.  The Spooly eyebrow brush has been my go to eyebrow control device (cause those hairs go every which way) and the M510 brush for putting on my highlighters…

Which leads to my next favourite the Sleek Makeup Cleopatra highlighting palette.  Yes, it is all that everyone said it would be and maybe more….I haven’t tried the cream colours yet but the powders are yummy 😋 I got this at Superdrug for £8.99 I think?  Again another affordable product that packs a punch!

Lastly, a bronzer that is and has been a favourite for quite some time (as I have now hit pan 😭) is Dallas by Benefit.  I use it more as a contour than an all over bronzer and it’s great!  It’s a cooler toned bronzer so that’s why I think it works well as a contour colour.  I mostly bought it because the name was Dallas and I’m from Texas and well…I couldn’t help myself!  

I will try to upload some looks for the festive season…I am out on Saturday for my work’s Christmas do so I will post something then.

Until next time!



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