Let’s go the Full Spectrum…

Hello my lovelies!  I thought it was high time for a tutorial as I haven’t done one in forever…….

My lovely husband bought me the new Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette so I thought, what better time than the present? I wanted to play with it and doing a tutorial at the same time seemed like a good idea 💡 

So, in case you haven’t seen it….here it is in all its beautiful glory.

The packaging is just as lush, all rainbowy 🌈 and textured and ugh!!! 

There is a mix of matte, metallic, and glitter shades.  There are 2 duplicates-Metamorphosis & Hatter both from the Alice in Wonderland palette but everything else is new.

So here we go!  I started by priming my eyelids with my UD Primer Potion as usual and then covered the whole eyelid with the matte white colour Bump.  This helps all the bright colours pop.

I then used Seize in my crease and blended up towards my brow bone.

I then used Warning and Gossip to deepen the colour in my crease and add a pink hue.

Next up to bat is Sketch on the outer corners & inner corners to start darkening things up a bit more..

I then used Delirious & Minx to further darken the outer and inner corners and then Hatter on the middle of the eyelid.

Lastly I used my finger to dab on the colour Mean over Hatter.  I found using my finger to pack it on worked better than a brush.

To finish off the look I used some black eyeliner and my trusty Roller Lash mascara along with some 3/4 length falsies.  I also used UD’s matte lipstick in Heroine with a dab of Mean in the middle, cause why not right?

So there you have it 😊 my first play with the palette.  If you like a bit of colour I suggest you go out and get this for yourself.  I imagine a lot of looks will come from this palette so stay tuned for more 🌈

I hope you all have a wonderful festive season and get lots of new makeups to play with too.

Until next time!



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