UD,KVD, & Alchemist

A little haul post today…I say little because I didn’t buy much but what I did buy is HUGE in beautiful duo chrome highlighty goodness (I may have just made up a word there πŸ˜‚)

So, Debenhams in Dundee recently updated their makeup counters where Urban Decay now has a hugenormous area with all of their lovely things on display and have added in Kat Von D which was only previously available online from them.  I was super excited to have a nosey around and I wasn’t disappointed….so much so I had to buy some bits cause it’d be rude not to right?

From Urban Decay I got the new Nocturnal Palette which I’d seen all over social media but wasn’t sure that I needed it in the collection.  However, once I had a look and peeped the duo chrome shades that were in it I had to make it mine.

My favourites so far have to be Lounge, Backfire & Fireball which I swatched for you (mainly to show the awesomeness)

At the Kat Von D counter I spied the Alchemist highlighter/eyeshadow Palette and ugh, can I just say the colours are so pearly and shiny and yummy.  Now, if you are not a collector like me and are wanting basics this is definitely not for you, but if you are a chronic makeup collector like myself, then yes you must buy this right now (I mean right now…go!)

They work great as a highlight and for eyeshadow and I think as a lip topper too.  I’ve only tried the opal & amethyst colours so far but it’s only Tuesday after all πŸ˜‚. Stay tuned…

I also had to try out an Everlasting Lipstick from KVD so I thought I’d get the iconic Lolita.  It’s a great rosey nude colour and I’m hooked!  The formula is great and doesn’t make your lips feel dry.  Also, it is everlasting….like it says on the tin.  I see more of these in my future..,

Until next time my lovelies!



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