Always be a Unicorn 🦄

Hello lovely peoples! I am excited to show you my first purchase from Unicorn Cosmetics. I follow them on Instagram and Facebook, subscribe to the newsletter but have never bought anything. There was a sale on and I thought it was a good time to give them a try. I got 3 pairs of lashes and one of their Glitterskins.

I really liked the way the website is laid out. On each lash page they have what eye shape the lashes are good for which I found super helpful. Nothing worse than buying lashes that don’t look right on you right? There are synthetic, mink, silk, faux mink and silk options so there is going to be something for everyone!

So my parcel came today and even the shipping box is cute 😍 There were unicorns and mermaids on the outside and the inside is blue with their logo.

The packing material inside was iridescent and very unicorny (is that a word?) The attention to detail is quite something-they thought of everything

So here is what I got…Eyelashes in Forget Me Not, Robot Lite and Cherry Top which are all good for hooded eyelids-like mine, which make it difficult for anything you put on your eyelid! So I’m hoping these work out!

The Glitterskin is in the colour Champagnin’-a goldy colour-I shall be trying this on the eyes tomorrow!

The glitter is in a sort of jelly feeling stuff and it’s super fine, not chunky-very curious . Really excited to give it a try 😊

While visiting their website I saw a ‘Become an Affiliate’ link, so I clicked and applied (thinking there’s no way they’ll accept) and got accepted! Eeep! So I now have an affiliate link and a code so you can all get 10% off your order! How exciting is that?! If you don’t want to use the link or code-it’s ok, I won’t hold it against you-but if you can save some coin then why not?

Here is the link to their website

And my code is Jenell10 for £££’s off 😍

So go now, buy some lashes and glitter and be a Unicorn 🦄! Run, hurry, go now!

I will post tomorrow with some lashes on and glitter, cause well new lashes and glitter ✨

Until next time my lovelies!



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