Jeffree Star-Christmas Haul Edition

I had been dying to try Jeffree Star’s highlighters but could never quite bring myself to spend £22 on a highlighter (no matter how dedicated to the makeup cause I am)…So when the highlighter palettes were released I was on it!  Six highlighters for £32, that I could get behind!  I went for the Platinum […]

We Interrupt You’re Regularly Scheduled Programming….

…for this brief bulletin.  A little break in my Christmas reviews to bring you a little look at a Juvia’s Place Palette I just got for Mother’s Day from the lovely hubby.  I’ve been dying to try one of their palettes since I saw Nikkitutorials review them on her YouTube channel.  They’re so colourful, I […]

Back to work today…

ugh…snow days over, back to work, guh… Third instalment of the Christmas Haul brings us the Too Faced Clover Palette.  Now, I thought this would be cute & it was for animal charity’s, and puppy’s, but…I’ve largely been disappointed 😔 I used this a few times & I find the colour payoff to be difficult […]

Radio Silence

My apologies for the radio silence lately…Christmas was a bit intense with flu & chest infections & coughs & doing Blogmas for a month I felt like I needed a wee break.  But I’m back!  I got loads of lovely things for Christmas which I’ve been using for the past month which I will share […]